In an attempt to limit the mention of my person, only the most essential of relevance to this website is included:

My highest priority project is currently

"The Daily Dialogue"

I am a business professional.


Dedicated photographer, essayist, diver, rock & roll enthusiast, who possesses a great human curiosity with a great desire to meet new people.


I have published more than 10 books on photography, with “The Street Photographers’ DNA” alone downloaded in more than 150,000 copies.

My latest books are two small philosophical works "Life Reflections" in lyrical form with photographs about ‘the good life’ and ‘peace and understanding between people’ and then of course "The Golden Star Band" (cf. News).

Should you want to know a little more about my professional life, I can refer to my latest workspaces on the address: www.janf.biz

The site will change a little over time, as I recently have moved my Middle Eastern base from Qatar to Dubai.