Copenhagen Fountains & Benches

Why fountains and benches, you may ask. 


The identity of a city is determined of several elements. 


The experience, how it feels to go about and stay in the city, depends of the physical characteristics of the city. 


It can be a question of the mix of functions between habitation, stores and offices, and to what degree the functions meeting place, market place and traffic are considered, and of the relations between the sizes and placing of pavement, cycle track and roadway. 

How do the fronts of the buildings look, are they tall, well-preserved, simple or rich on decoration. What kind of road surface is applied, are there a lot of green areas, plantation, cycle racks, open places, fountains and benches around? 


Especially: Do you meet other people? What kind of other people you meet, and how you meet them, also play a role. The same goes on a more general aspect for sense-stimulation and richness of experiences. 


And much more can of course be said about that. 

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The identity of the city is made up of the sum of several elements.


It is far from the intentions of the book to play the expert on the complicated interactions between architectural, social-psychological and anthropological approaches, that give rise to the tempting city. On the contrary, the scope is much more humble, namely to play a little around with two of the before-mentioned identity-constituents, fountains and benches. 

There are several fountains to be found in Copenhagen - some of which are famous and hold a high artistic quality, while others are more obscure and unimportant. In the same way you will find renowned and well-attended benches and benches that virtually never experience to be 'benched'. 

The majority of the fountains are traditionally observed and reproduced from the urban open space that surrounds them.

I have chosen to continue the focus of my previous book concerning untraditonal perspectives and therefore, I have decided to photograph the fountains from their fountain basins. In other words the pictures are all taken with a camera that is completely or partially under the water.


As far as the bench-pictures are concerned I have used a more traditional photographic approach.

The untraditional angle here lies rather in the very fact, that benches are made the focal point of the pictures. 

Enjoy :-) 

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