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In the Pipeline: The book about The Golden Star Band

Opdateret: jan. 11

Looking forward to January 2020

We are so proud to be able to present the book about the Philippine success Rock & Roll Band, "The Golden Star Band".

For us four writers, it has been a great pleasure to delve into the band's history and carry the story forward to the present.

And for the three of us who are not band members, it has been an amazing experience to attend so many of the band's shows up close.

Ghedie & Cherie: "Cocaine"

The band's regular venue has been Hotel Sea View's “Marine's Club” in Dubai in recent years.

A site that with its authentic and rustic decor and its large and varied clientele in every way supports the band's performance.

The book is expected to be ready for release in mid-January 2020.

See you at the Marine's Club

Jan Frederik, Frederik, Jing, Glenn

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