76 pages

Size: 125 x 190 mm

In the series "Life Reflections" two volumes have been published in English so far

The books - a mixture of prose and poetry - with added photographic inspirations attempt to inspire the reader to pause

and reflect on his life.

Bind 1, "I never really believed in it"


The different ages of life, each have their own charm, they say.

What is the reason then, that so many throughout their life wish to be a different age?


As a child, you want to be big as the older ones,

as a teenager, you want to be grown up like the adults.

As a middle aged, you want to be younger like the young ones,

and as an elderly you want to be middle aged.


Strangely enough nobody want to be old

- so maybe the statement is doubtful ?!


The book’s texts are illustrated with photographs from the family album from the period 1950-2018.

Bind 2, "Maybe you already live your life by that"

We only know it too well

That happiness of others is in our hands.


The book calls attention to how even very small everyday events create distance or proximity between people.

To respect each other, to give each other space, to enter into open dialogue with each other – in spite of differences such as social class, religion, ethnicity, gender, and age – is the way towards greater mutual understanding and thus towards

a better world.


Despite the many crises and conflicts around the world, the author has maintained his optimism and firmly believes, that a peaceful and fruitful coexistence between humans is possible.

© 2020 Copyright Jan Frederik Bisbjerg