Copenhagen - Home of the Happiest Humans

We Copenhageners love our city


We love our city very much and not least our fellow citizens :-)


Copenhageners and Danes are among the happiest people in the world.


There are many reasons for this:

The experience of mutual solidarity, tolerance, job satisfaction, social equality, free medical care, gender equality, sexual liberation, and that everything in Copenhagen can be reached by bicycle.


Finally, we must not forget the Danish "cosiness", which permeates everyday life and helps "things slide".


The series of small booklets endeavor to capture this special Copenhagen atmosphere, which I hope will inspire you, the reader, to further explore Copenhagen on your own.


The booklets have text in Danish and English.

So far, 8 booklets have been released, all of which can be acquired

at Amazon at pure bargain prices

Looking at Photographs - introduction to the series

Street photography expands the authentic moment.

Makes it possible to dwell on it, to scrutinize it, to examine it, to show how it was, what happened, to explore and maybe discover details, that escaped attention in the very moment.


The street photographer remains neutral, invisible, does not interfere, does not interact with the moment.

The street photographer’s intention is not to create moments.


But on the contrary.

Unseen, unobtrusive to document life as it is lived in its privacy, unaffected by an observer, the photographer is trying to capture the essence of the moment by activating the shutter at “the decisive moment”.

Copenhagen, with its positive and open citizens, is one of the world's best cities to cultivate one's passion for street photography.

The booklet reviews 10 photos and explains the thoughts behind.

10 street photographic tips

1. The street photographic way

2. Why make street photo-

    graphs at all?

3. How do you recognize good     street photographs?

4. How to refine your street

     photographic skills

5. How to make  photos without

    being noticed

6. Which camera is best for

    street photography?

7. The appropriate camera    


8. The choices of post-


9. Like this are the Copenhageners

10. This is how you photograph Copenhageners