Carry on the good work / Fortsæt det gode arbejde (Danish)

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The photo essay is a tribute to the many thousands engaged in the enormous continous Copenhagen renovation and development project.

What a qualified group of people! Not least the people working ’onground and underground’.


Denmark is world-famous for it’s architects, engineers, and designers. 

But we certainly also have capable workers among the people who undertake the ’real work’. They do not draw attention to themselves, on the contrary they often have to put of with telling-off from thoughtless citizens and road users. The many great and small shifts and gangs make a colossal effort. They do it with a smile, showing admirable consideration to all of us.



Danish architects are world famous.

Most people know e.g. Jørn Utzon’s Opera House in Sidney (started 1959), Johan Otto von Spreckelsen’s Grande Arche in Paris (opened in 1989), and Bjarke Ingels’ Via 57 West In New York (opened in 2016) - just to name a few.

Absolutely well-deserved, the analogue and digital media show the Danish visionary architects and engineers a lot of attention.

But have you ever heard about

  • Truck driver Carsten Andersen

  • General labourer Jan Sørensen

  • Excavator pilot (foreman) Jimmie Jensen

  • Excavator pilot Peter Hansen, and

  • General labourer Anni Jensen.


These fiveworkers make up one of Copenhagens highly dedicated teams, that carries out the visions of the Danish architects renovating Copenhagen.


Just as much as the attention directed towards the architects absolutely is quite in order, just as much is it undeserved that the work-teams who lead the visions into life through a long haul are totally absent in the media. The many work teams with their demanding tasks and ongoing challenges are virtually invisible.


This small photoessay decides to remedy this imbalance.