The book is on 104 pages in the handy format 125 x 190 mm

Second edition is ready (07.06.18)!

"Drone Pro - The UAV photographer's practice and business model", currently in Danish.

As the review on the back of the book reads:

"Jan F. Bisbjerg is a photographer and a writer.

In his work he uses notepad, tape recorder, DSLR and UAVs. And strive to choose the right tool for the present task.


Admitted: As a tech enthusiast, compromises can be made, and a UAV is chosen for a task just because the sun is shining, the wind is weak, and then it is absolutely incredible, so everything looks fantastic in bird's eye view :-)


The book intends to inspire UAV pilots professionally and businesslike.


With his professional background in entrepreneurship, idea development and marketing / teaching, Jan F. finds it natural to link the creative photo and film work with the down-to-earth sales and marketing work.

None of the parts can live without each other ".