In these selfie times,

a common attitude and active commitment

to the great challenges of our time

is crucial.



An incredible creature, the most fascinating project

of the universe.


Nothing compares to man

Man holds opportunities for the most sublime and

the most cruel.


I believe in the possibility to grow and nurture the sublime at the expense of the cruel.


The Daily Dialogue

The narrative creates reality!

The story gives birth to peace and understanding.

Therefore, let us make peace  and understanding between people by telling the peace into existence.

I call these story-meetings "The Daily Dialogue".


Mutual understanding, respect and peace arise in

the meeting, the dialogue between people.

Taking your time for open and listening togetherness.


Dialogue of the dialogues

Getting to know each other through stories about

each other.

Stories from within one's own world

and from meeting others.


You can talk about the dialogues being in dialogue

with each other.

You could say that the dialogue enters a dialogue

with the dialogues.


Education, information and finance

Parallel to the dialogue and narrative, focus is on education and information.

In order for the narrative to live, insight and under-

standing of human conditions are required to be presented in a sober and undogmatic manner.

Therefore, a business foundation is established,

a new business that aspires to create international understanding in accordance with these ideas.

A foundation that contributes to the necessary economy.


The blog will contain kaleidoscopic examples of dialogues, observations and thoughts from meetings and dialogues with people from most of the world - the fuel of the narrative.


To put it in another way:

I believe in peace and understanding between all humans!


Oh, no, you might think. 

One more naive and half-religious fanatic.

Man has existed in 200.000 years and has always been in conflict with each other.


This mutual conflict is a fundamental condition, something inborn that lies in our genes.


Why do you think the worldwide peace-movements fail again and again?

No, let’s be realistic: Peace is only possible for short periods of time, and not even that.

Everything, from history to daily life experiences talk against your starry-eyed idealism!


Okay - I hear what you say- but allow me to disagree.


Of course, it’s possible to live in peace with each other. 

Everyone wants that.

No ordinary and sensible persons want conflicts, let alone massacres, rape, and war.


And the good news is, that our time offers the necessary tools for realising such a vision.


We know, that the more knowledge we posses about each other, the more we meet and talk, the more we exchange stories, the more we will succeed in living peacefully together.


Let the tale begin!


(The Daily Dialogue / the vital stories will generally be found in the News blog)

A premium Dialogue: Around the dinner table, the good stories flow

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